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What should I do if a car is burnt by vandals on my street?

Although some areas are comparatively safer, no area is completely immune to crime and vandalism. If you live in a neighborhood where crime rates are high, you are at the risk of suffering from car vandalism. Usually car vandalism is caused by minors who are trying to impress their mates. These acts of vandalism might include scratching the car, slashing the tyres, smashing the window, or causing some other damage. Usually these acts of vandalism are not too severe and the cost of repairing is not too high.

In some cases of vandalism your car might be severely damaged. One of such cases is your car being burnt by vandals. Violent protests, caused by factors such as political unrest, are one of the most common reasons of cars being burnt by vandals. If you are an unfortunate victim of such a vandalism, you should do the following things to cope with this situation.

If your car is still burning, the first thing you need to do is to call the fire department. If the fire is small you can try fire extinguisher (if available nearby).

The second thing to do is to call the police. The police will investigate the situation and try to arrest the vandals. The police is more likely to catch the culprits if the incidence was captured by a CCTV camera or if it was witnessed by a witness. In the absence of these two evidences, it becomes harder for the police to arrest the vandals.

In such a situation you should keep a safe distance from the burning car and keep others from getting near to the car. The fuel tank can explode and harm anybody near the car. Therefore keeping a safe distance is necessary.

You should also call your insurance provider and let them know about the situation. They might want to investigate the incident and the circumstances surrounding the incident. This will help you in your insurance claim.

Ones the police has arrived and the fire has been put out, your car might need to be towed to the police station or warehouse depending on the applicable laws and circumstances. You might have to hire the towing services of a towing company. The tow truck will take your damaged car to the desired place.

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