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Removing unwanted motor vehicles

A motor vehicle usually depreciates at the rate of 15% each year. In about ten years, the car becomes almost useless especially if you bought it used. By this time the car becomes worn out and beaten up. Many people do not know what to do with such† motor vehicles. This results in complaints from neighbors, damage to the environment from rusting and spillage of hazardous chemicals, or tickets from local law enforcers. If you have such a vehicle, here is what you can do with it.

Sell it:

You can sell your unwanted motor vehicle to an unwanted car removal company. There are many such companies. You can easily find some in your area or town. They can help you in removing and picking the unwanted vehicle in a very short time. These companies will pay for your junk car. Most of them will pay you cash right at the spot.

A good thing is that you do not have to worry about towing the unwanted vehicle. The unwanted car removal company will take care of it. They will bring their own tow truck and move the vehicle to their warehouse or scrap yard.

Donate it to Charity:

You can donate your unwanted car to a local charity that offers car donation programs. You will get a receipt from the charity that you can use to deduct from your tax. The charity will sell the car and put the money earned back into the program. They can also repair and refurbish the unwanted vehicle to provide mobile services.

Most of these charities arrange to pick up the unwanted vehicle. Therefore, you don’t have to pay to pay for towing services. If the charity do not offer such a service, you might have to hire a tow truck or wrecker.

Trade in for a new model:

If your unwanted car is not completely scrapped, you can trade it in for a newer model. If your vehicle has some resale value, your car dealer might be interested in trading it in with another car. You will get some money that you can apply to purchase price of the new vehicle.

It is likely that the dealer will arrange for moving the unwanted car. Therefore you will not have to worry about towing it. But if the dealer do not make such arrangements, you will responsible for hiring a towing company and moving the unwanted vehicle.

Barter with a friend:

Sometimes one personís trash is another person’s treasure. You might have a friend who works on old vehicles as a hobby. You can barter your unwanted vehicle with your friend in exchange for something that is valuable for you.

If your friend agrees to take care of moving the unwanted car it is well and good for you. In case you are responsible for moving the vehicle, you will have to hire services of a towing company.

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